Transcriptions of audios or videos in Dutch or Portuguese

Some examples of common transcription files are lectures, classes, board meetings, and interviews. Since it is important to have some familiarity with the subject matter in order to be able to understand most of the recording, I do not work with legal or technical/complex material outside of my fields of expertise.

The transcription of recording demands a great deal of attention and time. It takes an experienced transcriptionist about four to five times the length of a good quality source material to complete the transcription job. This means that one hour of high-quality recording will probably take about 4 hours to be transcribed. The costs for a transcription job will then reflect the extended time involved in accurately performing this task by multiplying the length of the audio by 4 or 5. Consequently, medium- to poor-quality recordings can require much more time to complete.

I offer two types of transcriptions:

  • Edited
    Pauses, stuttering and fillers are not reproduced (e.g. laugh, cough, throat clearing, etc.); mispronounced words are corrected.
  • Customized
    According to the customer's preferences or in-house style.

To calculate the costs, please consider the following:


Good-quality recordings

Professional recordings, no background noise, neutral accent

Audio minutes * € 2,00


Medium-quality recordings

This includes telephone recordings, multiple speakers, some background noise

Audio minutes * € 2,50


Poor-quality recordings

Difficult to hear, a lot of background noise/music, voice overlapping, heavy accents

Audio minutes * € 3,00

You can send me the audio/video files by email. Large, non-sensitive files can also be sent via WeTransfer, a content sharing platform.

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